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LOUDSOFT has an extensive range of Speaker Design Programs and Engineering Software, all developed using our 45 years of experience in the loudspeaker industry. Our software is all designed specifically to allow speaker designers and engineers access to highly accurate measuring and testing data quickly, and easily. This allows you to develop your designs, test them, measure them, and refine them, and get to them to market, faster! 

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FEA Speaker Analysis and Design Software

FEA Magnet System & Voice Coil Design 

FEA Spider & Surround Design w Templates

FEA Acoustic Dome/Cone Simulation 

Intuitive X-over Design at your fingertips
Digital X-over software
Non-Linear High Power Box Design Program

FINE Test & Measurement

Acoustic Audio Analyzer System
View ALL files from FINE R+D
Speaker & Headset Audio Test System

View ALL files from Fine QC Test System

FINE Consulting

​Speaker design combining experience, software and engineering skills.


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