FINE QC™ Test System

Speaker & Audio Test system

QC Preprod Average
Batch / Golden Average
Golden Average No 8 found
Auto Good /Bad Rub & Buzz
TS Paramters
(Class D) Amplifier test
DUT Electronics Testing
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This End-of Line QC test system will test (Smart-) Loudspeaker Systems and drivers, headphones, microspeakers PLUS Microphones, Amplifiers and crossovers.

FINE QC includes the effective self-learning Rub & Buzz method FINEBuzz, which is proven by several customers as the best in the industry by replacing human testing, FINE QC will do a complete test including Rub & Buzz in 0.5-1 second. Our customers say: “See what You Hear with FINE QC”

Other features are Automatic Golden Average Speaker finding, Acoustic Pair matching, Auto-Saving of all measurements for Statistics and USB controlled FINE Hardware with Phantom mic + AD/DA and Power Amp providing simultaneous SPL & impedance Test w/o switching

The new Automation module is used for seamless interfacing with automatic production lines. For Automatic End Of Line (EOL) testing.
TTL Automation I/O Interface. The TTL signals are used for communication with automatic production lines. PASS / FAIL signals from the QC test can be read/written from/to associated control electronics of an automatic or semi-automatic assembly line.
An additional USB Interface can be added giving total access to all reject types, which can then automatically be sorted on the assembly line.

FINE R+D & FINE QC Applications