The FINEMotor program has full FEA simulations and is the ultimate tool for prediction of SPL & T/S parameters including BL(x) and Xmax with complete winding data. Shorting Rings are simulated and designed in FINEMotor PRO. Radial Neo motors can now be FEA designed with Neo segments and shorting rings 

FINEMotor has become the “Industry Standard” and  is the optimum simulation tool for designing the magnet system, voice coil and spider for woofers, domes, telephone-receivers, headphones etc. This includes Rectangular Voice Coils for (Micro) Speakers. 

FINEMotor is now offered in 2 versions: A Standard and a Pro FEA version. The Pro FEA version has all the features, advanced calculations including oval + square and Radial magnetic systems that are most commonly used in the design of advanced and micro speakers.

With the less expensive Standard version, you have 36000 FEA calculations to design all round motors including BLx curves, pole geometry, Multi-layer round/edge wire VC’s and Neo motors.

Precise and Fast
When SEAS was designing a new product line and used FINEMotor for the first time, the result was right on target and saved them a lot of time. After this first attempt SEAS now works with FINEMotor for all new motor systems.

You don’t need to know a lot about drivers to be able to use FINEMotor. This is a tool not only for engineers, but also for technicians.

Material database
With the latest version of FINEMotor you can add your own magnets and wires to the database, which already has a lot of standard Chinese materials to choose from.


FINEMotor Simulation Principle
Inside (Neo) Motor with adjustments
Pole Detail Adjustments
Ferrite Motor with Saturation
Neo Motor with Saturated Top Plate
Rectangular VC for Micro Speaker
Shorting Rings Design
Flux Line Display
Radial Neo Segment motor
FEA Design of Radial Neo Segment motors with Shorting Rings
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