FINE Speaker Design Software

Highly Accurate, Fast, and Easy to Use

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LOUDSOFT’s range of FINE Speaker Design Software have all been developed using LOUDSOFT’s 45 plus years of practical experience in the loudspeaker industry. They are all designed by specifically to be used by loudspeaker engineers and designers, and built by loudspeaker engineers who understand your needs and frustrations. 

They are all designed to be highly accurate, to ensure you can trust the results you are seeing and use them to refine and improve your designs.

They are all fast, most give you results within seconds, literally, saving you time and resources and allowing you to improve your designs faster! 

As they are specifically designed for a single use, unlike most of the tools available on the market, they are easy to use – you do not need to take a course to or loose hours of work understanding how to adapt the tools to your need. We’ve already done that for you!

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Intuitive X-over Design at your fingertips

Non-Linear High Power Box Design Program

Digital X-over software


High Quality

Accurate results, guaranteed!


Results in 1 to 20 seconds!

Easy to use

Intuitive to use, no training necessary!