Speaker Measurement Software

Highly Accurate, Fast, and Easy to Use

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Speaker Measurement Software designed specifically to help loudspeaker engineers and designers improve their designs and get them to market, faster! 

LOUDSOFT has developed a range of Speaker Measurement Software using our 45 plus years of industry experience. We fully understand the needs, and frustrations of speaker designers, complex tools not specifically designed for their needs that are hard to use, and waiting for slow and often inaccurate results. 

LOUSOFT’s Speaker Measurement Software is hence designed specifically for Speaker Engineers and Designers, by our Loudspeaker Engineers, to meet their exact needs. We ensure our Test and Measurement tools are intuitive and easy to use, that they are highly accurate so you can trust your results, and that they deliver results quickly, often literally within seconds. These factors save you time, frustration and money, and allow you to improve your designs faster and get them to market faster, before your competitors!   

LOUDSOFT's Speaker Measurement Software:

Acoustic Audio Analyzer System
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Speaker & Headset Audio Test System

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High Quality

Accurate results, guaranteed!


Results in 1 to 20 seconds!

Easy to use

Intuitive to use, no training necessary!