FINE X-over™

Intuitive X-over Design at your fingertips

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3-way X-over with Delays
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RLC circuits can now be tuned both using Bandwidth (BW) and level (using R)
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FINE X-over is the ideal program for optimizing your loudspeaker system. Use the mouse-wheel to roll through standard E24 components and see the response change immediately. The new RLC tuning can be individually tuned in Bandwidth (BW) and level.

FINE X-over can simulate up to 7 responses with phase, all based on on- and off-axis responses. All responses with crossover components are exactly simulated with SPL and phase. 

Tuned RLC circuits can be directly inserted and easily tuned in SPL level and bandwidth (BW).  

Or let the Intelligent Optimizer find the best flat response while keeping the minimum impedance and calculating the real power in all components.