Acoustic Finite Element Dome/Cone Simulation Program

FEM Input Parameters
FINECone Database
DXF Geometry Input
6½in Woofer in FINECone
6½in Woofer Break-up @ 6804
Geometry Modeler: Just input your dimensions at right, and the Geometry will auto-update. No DXF needed.
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Play Geometry Modeler 

Just enter dimensions in the right picture, and the geometry updates instantly. 


The FINECone program gives you freedom to use your time and creativity designing better loudspeakers. Within seconds you can calculate the Frequency Response for a new driver or analyse your problems with an existing driver. FINECone can drastically reduce time-to-market for new products.

Save Engineering Time
High accuracy calculations in FINECone only take 5-30 seconds.

Save Tooling & Costs
FINECone predicts the performance so well that you only need to build one prototype instead of trial-and-error experiments.

Better Products
Use the Material Database to find the best driver components and optimize the cone thickness or stiffness that fits your exact demands.

Better Production
Optimizing the development process stream-lines the production so you don’t have to spend your time fire-fighting.

Problem solver
FINECone can find the acoustic problems in your speakers and help you find the solution.

Fast & Low-cost alternative to COMSOL
FINECone is also more accurate for simulating the response of round speaker drivers, see the curves below