fine r+d


Acoustic Audio Analyzer System

Time Window- without / w Reflections
THD and 1 - 9th Harmonics
TS Parameters
RTA Real Time Analyzer
Bass Reflex: Port + woofer
Polar curves from off-axis curves
Contour Plot from off-axis curves
Measure amplifiers up to 90kHz
Amplifer test diagram
Measure crossover circuits
3 Microphone Array
FINE Hardware
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The new FINE R+D can sample at 48, 96 and 192 kHz, and measures SPL and impedance up to ~100 kHz in NORMAL Rooms. Expensive Anechoic rooms are no longer needed. (Smart-) Speakers, Amplifiers, microphones and crossovers can be directly measured. High Accuracy impedance measurements are performed in 2 modes: LO (Low current), HI (High current).

FINE R+D saves ALL time data so the engineer can change the FTT window and other settings later, giving unseen flexibility. Also Polar plots, Contour plots and automatic conversion from measured frequency responses are included. The new Normalisation Mode is ideal for Microphone measurements and relative SPL responses.

The new Multimicrophone Array module for FINE R+D 2020 greatly helps making multiple microphone measurements.

You can measure SPL from 3 microphones simultaneously with one click. Choose 30 kHz or 100 kHz GRAS microphones:

fine r+d

FINE R+D & FINE QC Applications