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FINE QC / Headphone Test

Headphone L/R test including Noise Cancel


Intuitive QC test system specially made for testing headphones and earphones (Lab and End-of Line Test)

Noise Cancelling headphones (passive and active mode) can be fully tested during the test sequence.

FINE QC includes the best in industry Rub & Buzz method FINEBuzz.

A complete test including L/R Rub & Buzz and Noise Cancel test can be performed in less than 5 seconds.


FINE QC tests

FINE QC tests Left & Right SPL + with individual limits.

Left-Right difference is tested with defined limits.

Rub & Buzz measured with limits for Left and Right.

SPL sensitivity and Polarity measured for Left and Right.

Bluetooth headphones can be tested using automatic delay.

Noise Cancel tests

The test cycle can now include Noise Cancel Test, both passive and active. The result is presented as vertical 1/3 octave colums. The test sequence will first show passive Noise Cancel, followed by the active Noise Cancel results. Each step can be repeated if necessary.

A USB barcode reader may read the serial number/starting the test.

In-ear Headphone tests

ICP (CCP) microphones connects directly to the hardware 2/3 without separate microphone amplifiers.